White South Africans Seek Asylum in Canada

White South Africans Seek Asylum in Canada

When you look at South Africa for the first time, you won’t find it different than any other developed country, but that’s not true. With a majority of black people, South Africa has been dominating the whites for centuries. South African refugees started claiming asylum in Canada for the first time in 1994, and even though a small number does now, it hasn’t entirely stopped.

Peter Dutton, home affairs minister of Australia, recently made news for being concerned about the treatment is given to white South African farmers, which offended South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Unfortunately, every word that Dutton said holds truth. South Africans living in Canada confirmed it. Life has been good for them after moving to Canada, so let’s talk about some South African Canadians who recently made the news. Brandon Huntley came to Canada on a temporary work visa in 2004, claimed refugee status in 2008, and became a Canadian permanent resident in 2009. According to Huntley, all political parties sing songs that literally transform into kill the whites.

His asylum claim documents reveal that he was stabbed six times by black South Africans when he was a teenager. Charl, Naira Nel, and their daughter Nel came to Canada in 2010 for claiming refugee status. They told the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board they feared not only violence against whites but also rape and murder. In 2013, the board rejected their claim, but the family appealed again in 2014 and was granted refugee status.

White supremacist claim that was rejected

Eric Williams Endre, his wife, two children, and parents visited Canada last year and claim refugee status in just 10 days after arrival. They claimed that the car was jacked in 1995, black men looted farm in 2004 and burglarized their home in 2013. However, Immigration and Refugee Board saying the claims were white-supremacist hate literature.

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