US Tech Companies Use Green Card for Holding on to Talented Professionals

US Tech Companies Use Green Card for Holding on to Talented Professionals

In an increasing trend, American technology firms are sponsoring green cards, for their Indian employees and elsewhere to hold on and use their skills and talents because the extensions for a work visa are marked with unpredictability.

The Data Reveals the Trend

As per the data of the US labor department, eight from the top 10 companies, applying for Green Cards, for their employees, in Fiscal Year 2019 were firms belonging to the US. Amazon received the second highest among the H-1B work visas, filed 3,247 applications permanent residency followed by Cognizant 2,927 and Google 2,425 applications. Others were Intel, Microsoft, Face book, CISCO and Deloitte and the Indian firms Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services with figures above 1,000 applications. Cognizant is an industry leader for sponsoring employees and securing permanent residence legally in the US because there are highly-skilled, and top educated professionals with a vast knowledge serving as valuable assets to the company.

Progress Happens

According to data of the Labor Department, US Citizenship and Immigration Services that processes the applications had received 113,014 requests for labor certification program permanent during the FY 2018-19. This is 8.3% in excess to the FY18. Among the nationalities 53.2% were Indians and 11.2% Chinese residents. Moreover, Majority Among the applicants belonged to H-1B at 68.2 % and L1 work visa at 7.2%. 

These developments point to the fact that companies are eager to put in extra efforts and also hold on and attract skilled talents through sponsoring the residency applications.

This is happening because the authorities are denying applications increasingly for extending work visa on various grounds. 

The top engineering/ business schools have a strong representation of students born overseas in the United States, and the leading technology organizations rely on them to fill the new position in hiring. 

The Changing Times

Today H-1B visa program is not a dependable and predictable source, and sponsoring residency applications of the employees, is a reliable way to ensure his/her stay in the US. Recently American technology companies are garnering a large share of H-1B visas. Expatriate employees in the US enter the workplace first on H-1B visa, for three years, and then extend it for three more years. Many apply for PR status in this period, but it takes nearly a decade to come through. The official data, states that 58.2% applicants of green card were working in jobs related to computer or math, and 24.3% of these work sites were in California.

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