US Focusing on Tourism Sector as it is Declining

When was the last time you saw someone from your friend list visit the US? Well, you guessed it right. International tourism in the United States is on a decline. Representatives of the tourism industry have warned that if Trump administration doesn’t do anything about it, it is going to affect the country severely. Representatives from the Visa US Coalition said that the decline started in 2015, but it took speed after Trump took office. They call it the Trump slump. With his anti-foreigner talks, people prefer not to visit a country where they don’t feel welcomed by the government itself. However, Trump isn’t the only reason. The other reasons that contribute to the decline in international tourism increase in US dollar value, low-cost air carriers, and strict visa requirements. People prefer traveling to countries that don’t burn a hole in their pockets. Geoff Freeman, the CEO, American Gaming Association, said that people misinterpret the country’s security protocol as unwelcoming. Every nation does its best to safeguard national security. Americans are very welcoming and friendly people, and the international crowd should understand it. Also, the strict regulations make the US a very safe destination for travel. The US’s global travel rate dropped from 13.6 percent in 2015 to 11.9 percent in 2017. Turkey is the only country after the US to see a decline in international tourism due to repetitive terror attacks.

7.4 million Lesser visitors

Lesser visitors mean the loss of livelihood. The decrease in international tourism has ended over 100,000 jobs until now. Travel and tourism is the United States’ second biggest export. An average international traveler spends $4,400 in the US. The country has lost a lot of revenue when you multiply it by the 7.4 million lesser visitors between the years 2015 to 2017. The US can’t let other nations take its share.

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