Trump Focusing on Making Real Wall Deal Come True

Posted on: 01 Jun 2018  |   Tags: US citizenship , USA immigration , USA News ,

President Trump is very close to signing an immigration deal, but it might never see the daylight if there’s not a border deal. He is already pretty much frustrated because he was forced to sign the finance budget even though he didn’t like it. He has cleared it that he won’t sign a deal if his terms aren’t met. The Republican Party controls Congress, and if they want DACA recipients to stay in the United States, they need to meet his conditions. Centrist House Republicans want to team up with GOP (Republican Party), but Trump won’t tolerate that. Paul Ryan, a top Republican party member, and House Speaker said that there’s a chance that if Republican Party and House Democrats team up, they’ll make a bill that’ll be unacceptable by Donald Trump. According to Trump, he wants a wall deal and strong border security deal for safety reasons. However, Trump chose to specify what he meant by a strong border security deal. In the past months, he has already put strict restrictions on immigrants in exchange for not deporting DACA recipients. These are people who came to the United States illegally as children. The DACA program gives them US citizenship because they were brought to the US without taking into consideration their wishes.

Cost of building the wall

Trump administration is planning to invest $1.6 billion in the border security deal, which will be spent for increasing use of surveillance technology and investing in better border fencing, which is similar to the current arrangement as opposed to the real wall that he wants to invest in building. The wall is supposed to cost the United States $25 billion, and Trump demands Mexican government to invest another $25 billion to build it. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, said that only if the House passes a bill that Trump accepts, there are chances for it becoming law.

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