Top U.S. Manufacturers Propose New Comprehensive Immigration

Top U.S. Manufacturers Propose New Comprehensive Immigration

The US Congress is being convinced by a group of renowned manufacturers to pass immigration reform. This immigration reform is to help the millions of migrants who are undocumented by providing a legal status for them. It will also ensure that businesses in the United States can attract foreign talents and also retain them, as well as protect those people that were brought illegally to the country as children.

The National Association of Manufacturers will unveil the proposal on Wednesday. The Proposal arrives when White House and the Congress are battling the second government shutdown due to the President’s demand for funding of wall, and also the insistence by Democrats for reduction of the use of detention beds for those who came into the country illegally.

Jay Timmons, NAM CEO said that the fact that America has gone through the two shutdowns resulting from immigration disagreement shows how divisive the debate is. He said that with the leaders searching desperately for a way to go forward on the border security reform and essential immigration, the manufacturers have come up with a pragmatic approach to a solution.

The Chamber of Commerce in the US, among other top industry groups, has been trying to convince the Congress for the Immigration reform to be passed.

The goal has been elusive, however, for the lawmakers on the aisle – the two sides, even with several attempts made.

It is rather not clear whether a government that is divided – the Republicans in charge of White House and Senate and Democrats in charge of the House – can come to an agreement on the subject.

The president of the country has also added to the difficulty of the situation by bringing in views that are conflicting and policies which are controversial, which the Democrats refer to as “Nonstarters.”

Benefits to be Obtained

However, this NAM proposal intends to create a balance which would increase the funding of border security, surveillance technology and fencing by the federal government. It will also provide a way for the “dreamers” to gain citizenship and legal status for the individuals undocumented in the country, which amounts to 11 million currently. It will also reform the legality of the immigration system.

In addition, Congress is being urged by the group to make an increment in H-1B visas in order to permit US companies to provide foreign workers with temporary employment.

A trade deal with China is also being coordinated closely with the White House.

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