Israeli Singer is Lucky Enough to Get a Chance to Perform in the US

It is difficult for Israeli nationals to get a US visa but an Israeli singer got it luckily. Amir Benayoun was given a US visa by the American Embassy in Israel to perform at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day annual ceremony held by the United Nations. Last week, the US Embassy informed Ynet news, which Benayoun was unsuccessful in convincing the US Consulate that he has strong ties to his country and that he will return back after his short visit to the US. But Ynet news reported that the US Consulate gave him the visa on Thursday, January 25, 2018. The annual ceremony was held in  New York, where he will be performing with singers Miri Mesika and David D’Or. The trio sang in Arabic, Hebrew, and English on January 27, 2018, to commemorate the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Benayoun sang “The Last Survivor,” written by Moshe Klugheft and singer itself composed. A video with the song played at the ceremony which featured many Israeli Holocaust survivors. When Benayoun went to the US Consulate to get his visa application approved, he took the invitation letter he got from the United Nations to perform at the ceremony. He also told them that he has many performances lined up in Israel in February and March. Listening to that, the consulate issued him the visa after rejecting it the first time. The Foreign Ministry of Israel urged the US Consulate to reverse their decision and let the singer perform at the ceremony.

Song against Obama

One of the main reasons Benayoun might not be allowed to enter the US in the first place is because he wrote a song in 2015 in which he called the then president Barack Obama a corrupt and cruel pet crow.   It creates lots of controversies. He wished him a swift death.

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