H-4 Visa Holders Might be Getting a Work-Ban this Month

After a long delay, the US government has announced that it would publish the long-awaited rule to repeal the work visas of H-4 visa holders this month. This information was updated on the dedicated page for the federal government's planned work-ban called the "unified agenda". The page was updated with the schedule for the publishing of the draft rule, which revealed that it will happen this month. The work-ban will affect the wives and husbands of foreign workers who have the H-1B visa who are yet to obtain their green cards. Researchers from the University of Tennessee have given an estimate of the affected party of approximately 100,000 H-4 visa holders, which shows that 93% of them are women from India. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had already reached the final stages of the rule in February 2019 and had forwarded it to the Office of Management Budget to be reviewed. This process gives the Budget Office the opportunity to scrutinize it and recommend changes before sending it back to the DHS. According to reports, however, the proposed rule is yet to be approved by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the White House, which happens to be a part of the budget office. The US law permits that the Information and Regulatory Affairs office has up till June 20 to make inputs on the rule. According to Sarah Pierce, an analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, if the rule gets the approval of the Information and Regulatory Affairs office, it will be published without any further delay. Is the work-ban a gain for the American workforce? The DHS, on the other hand, argues on the "unified agenda" page that the work-ban would favor some American workers since the jobs currently held by H-4 visa holders will be open for them to obtain. A good number of H-4 visa holders living in the Bay Area have said that if their work permits are stripped from them, there is a likelihood that they will move from the US with their families. Stay connected to www.visaweekly.com to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US!  We will also assist with the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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