Donald Trump Plans to End Chain Migration and Visa Lottery in the US

President Donald Trump is making a large number of changes to the immigration law and general system in the US. These changes have been primarily opposed by many, but some of them may not be as bad as they are being made out. Previously, the concept of chain migration and visa lottery was the system implemented in the USA. It was a ticket for almost anyone with the luck and patience to keep applying, or anyone with a family member already in the country, to get the coveted Green Card, and eventually, citizenship in the US. Chain migration is the concept of immigration to the United States based on family ties. It arises because citizens and legal residents of the country are allowed to sponsor their family members (any member of the family, not just the closest ties; that is, the non-nuclear members). In other words, if a member of your family is a citizen of the US, it becomes much easier for you to become a citizen, too. Trump finds this system unfair because it seems like a massive loophole in the legal immigration system. It is a way to circumvent the system, and Trump believes that this system is bringing in hooligans and terrorists, and while the situation may not be so extreme, it is certainly unfair to those who have to wait longer just because they don’t have a distant relative already living in the US. The visa lottery system is another unfair thing, because, just like a lottery, it leaves a person’s citizenship or residency to chance. The new Administration believes that the allotment of a visa or a green card should depend on the merit rather than contacts or luck, and of course, they wish to protect the country from unlawful residents, so Trump plans to end both Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery system for good.

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