US Might Be Open to More Temporary Immigration Workers

US Might Be Open to More Temporary Immigration Workers

Larry Kudlow, White House adviser, mentioned that Trump administration is currently exploring ways of letting American companies hire more temporary immigrant workers as the shortage is making companies stop doing their everyday business activities. According to data obtained by Reuters, unemployment rate saw an 18-year low in the United States. Kudlow said in an interview with CNBC that they are looking forward to bring temporary immigrant workers on temporary legal visas into the United States in a number of industries. A while ago he was also interviewed by Fox Business Network, during which he mentioned that White House is arguing with the US Congress over legislation of long-term immigration.


Labor Department data revealed that job growth increased in May 2018 and the unemployment rate dropped to only 3.8 percent, tightening the labor market conditions and also showed an increase in wages and even though it is slow, it will have a huge impact. Ben Herzon, the economic analyst, IHS Markit, said that the tight labor market and declining unemployment rate will continue at a slower pace. Keeping in mind endless requests from American businesses, Trump administration decided to issue 15,000 more H2B visas or seasonal non-agricultural visas. Hotels and restaurants to seafood companies complained that they were unable to find domestic workers to fill up the job openings.


Rising Concern

However, Kudlow feels that more American workers will be ready to work if they are paid better than what immigrant seasonal workers are. The industries will face even more trouble after Trump administration cancels working authorities of H4 visa holders. Companies will find it difficult to fill those positions, and the unemployment rate will increase. It will also drive highly-qualified H1B workers from the United States, creating a larger gap in the highly-skilled sector. The Indian government is currently in talks with the American government to convince them not to cancel H4 EAD visa.

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