The US Immigration Debacle Will Subside Sooner Than Expected

The US Immigration Debacle Will Subside Sooner Than Expected

The ongoing debate and policy reforms about immigration in response to right wingers are not going to last much longer. This is in consideration of the current employment situation, condition of the American citizens and a speculation of what the future looks like in the next 5 or 10 years.

Numerous debates have tried to clear up the anti-immigrant outcry going on for too long now. But the clouded mind does not listen; nor does it heed the oncoming catastrophe. The economy has come to depend on overseas labor and outsourcing over the years. Reversing it, at whatever point in time is bound to have chaotic results. And that is exactly what seems to be happening right now.


Source: quigley

Declining local populace

The low birth rate, declining ‘baby boomer’ population increased percentage of disabled people, drug addiction and citizens on benefits all point towards a grim scenario. If these people are unable to fulfil the ballooning demand for technologically skilled labor, who will? And if that happens, a gradual deterioration of the American economy will be staring at the locals unless something is done about it.

The immediate response of businesses and commercial establishments is to fill in the gaps with immigration on a temporary basis. It is a different discussion whether these workers stay on and become permanent residents. It is one of the side effects, however. Whether it is positive or negative depends on political perspectives.

If the US government stops this, America will suffer from acute skilled labor shortage. Automation with robotics or artificial intelligence will indeed dissipate some load. But it may not be enough. Business will shift elsewhere and US will lose on the long run.

Luckily, common sense should prevail because this bleak future is not what everyone wants or needs. But political campaigns are rarely, if ever, run with common sense in mind. Are they?

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