Germany- Right-Wing Includes Anti-Immigration Stance In Manifesto

The Germany’s right wing party Alternative for Germany has removed the anti-immigration policy from the manifesto after the extensive protests from the Left parties of the country.

The right wing suggested to include that immigration from abroad must be rejected. However, the party after on Sunday announced that the party believes in the quality migration, in the similar kind of the Canada Immigration procedure.

The leaders of the party who spoke at the conference said that the right-wing supports the skilled migration who integrates with the German society. The quality movement  immigrants acts as the booster to the economy.

Germany’s anti-immigrant party has grown when the Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the doors for refugees. In 2015, one million refugees entered the Germany who is the victims of the Syrian crisis. The AFD since then mainly influenced the German citizens with the ant-immigrant stand.

The growing influence of the AFD is affecting the chances of the ruling party; the recent local elections also proved the support of the people for the AFD party.

Germany on humanitarian grounds accepted a large number of refugees out of the Syrian crisis. There are people who largely support the move by the ruling party and same who oppose it. The growing intolerance for the immigrants is increasing with the emergence of new political parties such as Alternative for Germany.

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