Will UK's New Immigration System Attract Talents?

The UK has proposed a new immigration scheme for post Brexit which will not permit migrants who have visas to enter the country to come with their families. Business leaders have warned that this would risk making the country no longer as attractive as it used to be too talented foreign workers. For the record, the UK has been making generous provisions albeit, unusual, for families of migrants who have employment in the country. Some of the generous provisions bestow on the dependents of these migrants, an automatic permit to work. According to some experts, the preparations the Home Office has made for a tougher regime post Brexit, may not work well with this approach. There is a 12-month visa scheme proposed for lower-skilled migrants, which does not cover dependents. There is also a youth mobility visa which is designed for persons aged from 18 - 30. This mobility visa will be extended to persons from EU countries and does not also cover dependents of the visa holder. The Home Office, however, is yet to confirm the final details made to its post-Brexit regime regarding immigration. On the other hand, some employers have voiced their fears regarding some parts of the policy revealed last year in a white paper. Of significant note is their concern that the 12-month visa reserved for workers with lower skills basic entry scheme for intermediate-level workers. Their fear stems from the proposal which demands that the minimum income threshold for applicants of jobs that require high skills be set at £30,000. Employers might drop the high-skilled visa route for the lower skilled It is certain that the £30,000 income threshold proposed for high-skilled workers might dissuade employers from opting for the route and would rather go for the 12-month visa route for foreign lower-skilled employees. The Home Office has, however, emphasized that the new visa system it has planned is aimed at attracting talent and that the newly-proposed 12-month visa route only serves a ‘transactional measure.’ Stay connected to www.visaweekly.com to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US!  We will also assist with the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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