Will Brexit Bring More Jobs or Job Losses?

Will Brexit Bring More Jobs or Job Losses?

Workers in the Swindon plant of Honda have shown great dismay and anger on Monday, due to the expected plant’s closure.  Attributing Brexit for this loss, they said the new development would send shocks through the town.

The workers have shown unhappiness towards the potential closure of the plant in 2022, which will result in about 3,500 people losing their jobs.

One of the workers, who refused to be named, said he has been with the company for about 24 years, and he blames the Brexit for the plant’s decision as well as MP Justin Tomlinson, the local conservative for supporting Brexit.

Another worker also said that he was devastated by the whole situation.

The community, which has been shielded from the hardships accompanied by Brexit, got the news with great shock. According to the council, Swindon is known as the seventh productive community in the country, with low residents whose qualifications are not formal. It is also known for low immigration and high employment, as such, it is not regularly seen as a community which will experience the tough results of the referendum.

Fear among community members and workers

The Honda plant was seen as a significant part of the Swindon community, as expressed by another worker in the plant. As such, the effect of the news on the families in the community is massive.

Although some workers have said that no statement has been made official from the management concerning the news, one of the workers said there is no confirmation or denial of the meeting which was scheduled to hold on Tuesday.

The Regional Officer for the Unite Union, Alan Tomala, who was also at the plant between the years 1995-2007 as a worker, commented that the fellow workers were dismayed and scared.

He also said that if the rumors are confirmed, it means that jobs about 3,500 are at risk.

As seen, a job in the company equals four in the local economy and supply chain; as such, if the plant is actually closed down, the community will be in great devastation.

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