UK Grants Visa To Student After Media Uproar

A student seeking a UK visa to attend a conference in the UK has finally become successful, thanks to a media uproar. Two international students in Amsterdam University from Turkey and Bosnia were unsuccessful at gaining this visa. UK Immigration officials suspected that they would remain in the UK after the event, their return tickets, notwithstanding. One of these students submitted some of his travel documents late while the other's Netherlands student visa will only be valid until December. While one gave up on the visa pursuit, the other was later called by the UK Home Office to provide more information. She was subsequently directed to go to the immigration service to have her passport stamped. She told the BBC in an interview that she was excited to get the visa and that she was sure it was because of the attention she got from the media. The academic conference in question was organized by the psychology department of Glasgow University. The lucky student, NadzaDzinalija, 21 expressed her worry that the initial rejection could taint her file for visa applications in the future. She was one of 29 students who wanted to attend the conference.

What picture does this paint of the UK?

Dzinalija got help for free, from a barrister based in London. The barrister, Jan Doerfel, made a case for her stating that his client had traveled to Australia and other Schengen countries and had maintained the immigration regulations of these countries and it was unfair or rather, arrogant of the UK to deny her visa. Philippe Sands, a top UK QS, revealed to the BBC of his experiences in this regard. He is a professor of international law at University College, London short for UCL and because of these regular problems with the UK visa, he had resorted to organizing his meetings outside of the UK. He further told the BBC that these problems are engendered partly by government policies. He complained of his difficulty for years in inviting professors and other distinguished personalities to come speak to his students in UCL. Stay connected to Visaweekly to remain updated on visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and USA.

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