EU Lawyers Won’t Get UK Residency Because of Low Salary

According to recent research conducted by Oxford University, European Union lawyers working in the United Kingdom don’t fulfill the salary criteria to become British permanent residents. 90 percent of teaching professionals, 60 percent attorneys, and 30 percent doctors fall short of the minimum required a salary, despite all three professions having a high demand in the country. Madeleine Sumption, director of Oxford Migration Observatory, said that the United Kingdom needs to increase the yearly cap put on Tier 2 visas and permanent residency permits. The United Kingdom is increasing salary threshold to cut down net immigration, but UK employers are ready to pay them the amount. The only way numbers can be controlled is by raising the cap. For the fourth month in a row, the UK government crossed monthly cap for Tier 2 visas. When Theresa May was the Home Secretary in 2011, she set a limit on the number of Tier 2 visas issued yearly. According to her immigration plan, only 20,700 visas were to be given out and had a monthly cap as well. The program worked well because until December 2017, the limit never crossed but now it is. Since the visa is issued on a first come first serve basis, the UK might be losing some real talent because of the cap limit.

Salary threshold

Before the cap was put in 2011, the salary threshold to get Tier 2 visa was 30,000 pounds. But after the cap, every profession had a different salary threshold. However, it isn’t applicable to those that come under the shortage occupation. Great Britain left the European Union in July 2016, which has severely affected the country. Many EU citizens living in the UK are moving back to their countries because there has been a certain increase in demand for doctors, teachers, and lawyers in the bloc.

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