What Is The Best Way To Get UK Tier 2 Visa?

The United Kingdom's Tier 2 visa is for the skilled professionals; it is a point based system that attracts highly qualified professionals. The system attracts the skilled professionals based on few attributes, English language requirements job offer from the licensed UK employer will fetch you additional points to get the Tier 2 visa.

Understanding the different types of Tier 2 Visa

1) General- If the UK employer is unable to find the suitable person for the position offered. Then, the firm can recruit the foreign national for the post. The comprehensive list of the shortage area of skills can be found online on the official website of the UK immigration.

2) Intra Company Transfer- The existing employee working overseas in a multi-national company can be transferred to the United Kingdom under the Tier 2 ICT category. It has four sub-categories in it.

3) Long Term Staff- This category allows the foreign nationals to work in the United Kingdom for maximum up to five years. The applicant must work for the organization for over 12 months to apply for the ICT.

4) Short Term Staff- The visa granted for 12 months under the intra-company transfer.

5) Graduate Trainee - As a specialist, you will be transferred to the United Kingdom for 12 months.

6) Skills Transfer - You will be transferred to the United Kingdom to acquire specialized skills to perform your duties in the overseas branch. The duration of the visa is only six months.

There are also other categories such as exceptional talent in the sports would be invited under the Tier 2 category. The UK's Tier 2 visa is likely to undergo significant changes. The salary threshold of the Tier 2 visas is much under the discussion. The immigration system of the United Kingdom is likely to undergo major changes after the Brexit referendum on June 23.

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