Renewing Work Visas Will Become Tougher With USCIS’s New Policy

Renewing Work Visas Will Become Tougher With USCIS’s New Policy

The debate about the accessibility of H-1B visas with the Trump administration in place has been going on for a long time now. There has been indecision regarding the fate of H-1B visa immigrants causing much panic and mayhem in different sectors.

Recently, the Trump administration has taken steps to make renewal of visas even tougher. These include popular non-immigrant visas like the H-1B and L1.

Indian IT professionals have been relying on these visas for secure passage into the US for decades now. However, the administration is now stating that the burden of proof should be with the applicants who have applied for the extension.

The policy that has been enforced before this development lasted more than a decade. In the previous memorandum made in 2004, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services had laid the burden on the federal agency.

Now, the USCIS has made it clear that the burden of proof in order to prove one’s eligibility for renewal lies solely with the petitioner no matter what the circumstances are.

According to the previous policy, a person who had once qualified successfully and received a work visa would automatically be considered for an extension if requested. They would not have to undertake the entire process again.

However, with the new policy things are about to change. Immigrants will now have to prove their eligibility to the federal authorities each time they apply for an extension of their work visa.

Donald Trump has been trying to protect American workers since he assumed power. This is another initiative to prevent discrimination and replacement of workers by foreign labor.


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