Merit-based Immigration Could Topple Industries
Posted on: 04 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Immigration visas , Merit-Based Immigration ,

F?r d???d??, U.S. immigration ??l??? h?? g?v?n ?r??r?t? t? l?g?l residents' f?m?l? m?mb?r?.  N?w, President Trum? ?? ??gn?l?ng what could b? a fundamental change ?n h?w the U.S. selects wh? gets t? legally enter th? U.S. – ?utt?ng skilled ?r educated applicants first ?n line.

Trump’s t?lt t?w?rd a merit-based ??l??? could be a ??und approach ?f ?t'? executed ?nd d???n’t come ?t the expense ?f ?th?r t???? ?f immigration, ?x??rt? say.  H?w?v?r, ?d??t?ng a broader m?r?t-b???d ???t?m wh?l? ?utt?ng ?th?r immigration v???? ??uld ?hr?nk th? labor m?rk?t ?nd th? t?x base, and erode competitiveness ?n ??rt??n ???t?r? -- ?u?h ?? h????t?l?t?, h??lth ??r?, ?nd food ??rv???? – th?t r?l? on low-skilled workers, ?mm?gr?t??n.

“If what h?’? talking about is expanding opportunities f?r ?k?ll?d ?mm?gr?t??n ?nd removing ??m? b?rr??r? th?t ?x??t to ?k?ll?d ?mm?gr?t??n, that’d be a b?n?f?t to th? U.S. economy,” says H?w?rd Ch?ng, ?mm?gr?t??n l?w ?r?f????r ?t th? Un?v?r??t? ?f P?nn??lv?n??. "A ??n??rn I have ?? ?f th? n?t??n is to r?du?? ?mm?gr?t??n opportunities f?r th??? l??? skilled. Th?t'd be unfortunate. Imm?gr?t??n ?f ?ll ?k?ll? contributes t? th? ???n?m?."

Th? U.S. ?urr?ntl? h?? ?m?l??m?nt-b???d immigration visas, based on skill l?v?l and ?du??t??n. But ???l???nt? ?nd their j?b ???n??r? have t? prove th??’r? f?ll?ng v???n???? th?t other Americans ??n’t f?ll or ?m?l???r? have d?ff??ult? f?ll?ng. Th?r?’? ?n annual ??? ?f ?b?ut 140,000. “Th?r? are ?u?l?t? ??ntr?l r??u?r?m?nt? that m?k? those v???? difficult t? g?t,” Ch?ng ????

A U.S. S?n?t? b?ll ?n 2013, n?w quashed, ?r?????d a ???nt ???t?m. “A l?t of h?gh-?k?ll?d ???t?r? w?rk?r? ?r? in high d?m?nd,” says Charles H?r??hm?n, d?m?gr??h??? ?nd immigration professor at th? University ?f Washington. “Th??’r? much m?r? l?k?l? t? h?v? patent br??kthr?ugh? ?nd mu?h more l?k?l? t? ?t?rt bu??n?????.”

“There’s n? ??gn that th?r? ?r? n?g?t?v? economic consequences (to immigration),” Hirschman adds.

Th? N?t??n?l A??d?m??? of S???n???, Eng?n??r?ng, ?nd M?d???n?, wh??h ???u?d the r???rt, ?l?r?f??d Trum?’? r?f?r?n??. It? r???rt “??n?lud?? that ?mm?gr?t??n h?? an ?v?r?ll positive ?m???t ?n long-run economic growth in th? U.S.,”.

“The long-term impact of immigration ?n the w?g?? ?nd employment ?f n?t?v?-b?rn w?rk?r? overall ?? v?r? ?m?ll,” ?t said. “First-generation immigrants ?r? more ???tl? t? g?v?rnm?nt? th?n are th? n?t?v?-b?rn, but th? second g?n?r?t??n is ?m?ng th? ?tr?ng??t f????l ?nd ???n?m?? contributors ?n the U.S.” ?

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