H1-B Visa Is 'Safe' for Indian IT Outsourcing Companies This Year

Indian government ?ff????l? has assured th? m?j?r Ind??n ?ut??ur??r? t? w?rr? l??? ?b?ut th?? ???r’? l?tt?r? for th? H1-B ?mm?gr?nt worker v??? ?? th?? ?r? ?n Washington t? l?bb? on b?h?lf of th??r IT ???t?r th?? w??k.

F?v? m?j?r Ind??n t??h f?rm? ?ff?r?ng ??n?ult?n?? ??rv???? ?r? dependent ?n th? constant fl?w of ??ftw?r? ?ng?n??r? from Ind??; these tech w?rk?r? ?r? mostly th??? under 35 years looking f?r l?f? ?n th? U.S f?r ??m? t?m?. The Ind??n l?bb??ng ??mmun?t? ?n Washington ??ll? the H1-B the “m??t toxic” visa on C???t?l H?ll.

A???rd?ng t? the U.S. C?t?z?n?h?? ?nd Imm?gr?t??n S?rv???? which m?n?g?? ??t?t??n?, th? H1-B visa ?? often n?t r?g?rd?d b? American software ?ng?n??r? who say th?? ?r? r??l???d by ??ung?r, f?r??gn engineers w?ll?ng t? work f?r l???. B???u?? ?f this, Ind??n? ?r? ???u?d 70% of the 85,000 H1-B visas annually w?th m?r? than h?lf of th?m w?rk?ng for th? IT outsourcers.

M??nwh?l?, An Indian C?mm?r?? Secretary R?t? T???t?? t?ld r???rt?r? th?t “there was a sense th?t there ?? recognition of th? ??ntr?but??n of th? Ind??n t??h ???t?r. They ?r? ??n??rn?d w?th th? ?mm?gr?t??n ???u?., m??t ?f th? ???u?? are quite different,” in her r?m?rk?, th?r? were reassurances of th? v???’? futur?, but n?t on th? ?r???nt tr??tm?nt ?f these mult?n?t??n?l? und?r th? immigration r?f?rm l?w? ?x???t?d t? ??m? under Pr???d?nt Trum?.

Gaurav Sinha ?n ????t allocation ?tr?t?g??t and holder ?f ?n H1-B Visa ???nt?d out “th?t 9.5% ?f Ind??’? GDP comes from these IT ??m??n???, n?m?l? Infosys, W??r?, Tata C?n?ult?n?? ?nd HCL Technologies w?th a m?rk?t ??z? of about $150 B?ll??n ?nd half ?f it ??m?? fr?m th? Un?t?d States.” Th? IT ???t?r, th?r?f?r?, m?k?? u? 15% ?f the MSCI India equity index, this makes IT ??rv???? trade an ?nt?gr?l ??rt ?f the India-US r?l?t??n?.

Th? l?tt?r? ???t?m is ?ft?n u??d t? r?w?rd H1-B visas t? h?ld?r?, and th?r?'? b??n ?n ?rgum?nt that th? v??? ?? d???gn?d to bring ?n ????l? w?th ?k?ll?, but ?t’? now being ?bu??d t? h?v? a constant fl?w ?f ??ftw?r? ?ng?n??r? into th? U.S., t? the d?tr?m?nt of th? Am?r???n? w?rk?r? ?nd graduates w?th computer ????n?? d?gr???. Proponents ?f the Visa say th?t it helps them f?nd gl?b?l t?l?nt and br?ng th?m t? St?t?? wh?r? the t?l?nt pool is ?m?ll?r.

“We have ?k?ll?d, h?gh-t??h ?r?f?????n?l? h?r? ?n Am?r???. Many are un?m?l???d ?nd ??rr??ng the d?bt ?f advanced d?gr???. S?m? bu??n?????, b? ‘in-sourcing’ ?nd ?x?l??t?ng f?r??gn w?rk?r?, are ?bu??ng th? v??? programs – undercutting th? w?rkf?r?? t? reap th? rewards,” ???? New Jersey D?m??r?t B?ll P???r?ll, ?f the bill’s ?uth?r? “Abusing the visa ???t?m to g?t cheap l?b?r hurts the American middle ?l??? ?nd something I ??nn?t ?????t. Th? critical reforms ?n th?? w?ll ?u???rt American workers ?nd ?r??t? safeguards against th? ?x?l??t?t??n ?f visa workers.”

Pr???d?nt Trump ???d h? wants to br?ng in the “b??t ?nd br?ght??t” ?nd reform ?mm?gr?t??n l?w t? a more merit-based ???t?m ?nd that the H1-B is n?t ?? t?x?? as some in Ind?? b?l??v?.

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