Quebec Investor Program will Re-open on May 29, 2017

Quebec Investor Program will Re-open on May 29, 2017

The Quebec Investor Program is a Canadian Immigration Program that gives foreign investors an opportunity to

obtain Canadian permanent permit by investing CAD $800,000. The Quebec Immigration Investor program is set to reopen soon; precisely in less than 2 months away.

The QIIP is the only passive stakeholder program and is one of the popularly known investor immigration program globally. And it offers numerous advantages over other investor immigration programs.

A successful application offers an individual a permanent Canadian resident visa without any conditional or remedial stage or process. And this makes the QIIP extremely different from the EB-5 program in the United States where the foreigner must show prove to have created at least 10 jobs within 2 years. Also, the CAD$800,000 is submitted to QIIP through an approved financial body. This payment can be made by the applicant or through a financial body.

Also, the candidate is given an opportunity to include members of his Family in the application and they can obtain the permanent residence. Upon successful application, applicants enjoy all the benefits there are of permanent resident status, free education to children and health care.

However, the QIIP doesn’t only grant a candidate access to Canada. He or She can also acquire Canadian citizenship and a right to a Canadian passport.

Candidate must possess a minimum net worth of CAD $1.6 million by legitimate means. Assets such as pension funds, stocks, shares, property and bank accounts may be included. Applicants must be ready to live in Quebec, with an agreement to invest CAD $800,000, he or she must have at least two years of management experience with a commercial, international or government agency.

Submission and processing of applications will run from May 29, 2017, to February 23, 2018, based on previous experience, QIIP may reach its limit before the deadline

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