The Canadian Government is interested in doubling the count of visa offices in China to an overall of 10, in order to facilitate more visas and permit applications. China is considered as a very good market, and Canada aspires to increase the number of international students, visitors, and high-skilled workers. The objective is not just to facilitate entry, but to also retain Chinese immigrants as constituents of the Government’s bigger plan of promoting innovation and growth in the economy.

China was the chief source of permanent residencies in Canada, in 2013. But the launch of Express Entry caused the tightening of rules, which resulted in the drop of China’s position to sixth… behind Philippines, India, UK, Ireland and the US.

The Canadian Immigration Minister, John McCallum, has stated that he would like to draw more overseas talent in the high-tech sector, channeling the economic potential of international students in specific. He is also keen on changing some of the rules under Express Entry and reviews the foreign worker program, which could be revealed this fall.

The motive of discussions pertaining to China is to impart the example that Canada is very proactive in enlisting quality immigrants. Canada is mostly considering students. Public colleges in Ontario, hosted more than 11,000 students from India, over 3900 students from China, above 1200 from South Korea, over 500 from Brazil and around 70 from Nigeria. These particular countries are some of the top sources of student immigrants. In contrast with the colossal population of some of these countries, it is very fascinating to observe that Jamaica was favorably represented, with more than 430 students.

Needless to say, Canada is seeking relatively young and highly educated & experienced professionals, who can communicate in English or French. With regard to employment, experience in sectors that match labour shortages in Canada would have the top chances.

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