Pakistan Granted visa-on-arrival Access to Increase Tourism Industry

After being nominated as the most adventurous place to travel to, Pakistan has opened up to global tourism. Sensing that this is the opportunity to make it big in the global tourism industry, Pakistan granted visa-on-arrival access to 24 countries including Greece, China, Austria, the US, Thailand, and the UK. Visitors from these and other remaining countries can visit Pakistan for 30 days on visa-on-arrival. After improving security, Pakistan saw an increase of tourists by three times between 2013 and 2017. Around 30 to 38 percent were domestic tourists while the remaining were international tourists. The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation gave the report. According to the hospitality industry, visa-on-arrival scheme is an important attraction for foreign tourists wanting to visit a particular destination. In 2016, tourism contributed $19.4 billion to the Pakistani economy. If everything goes as planned, the contribution will increase to $36.1 billion in the next decade. Yahya Polani is the former chairman of Travel Agents Association of Pakistan and agrees that the visa-on-arrival facility is the first step for all the significant changes the government needs to do to the Pakistani tourism industry. For over the past ten years, Pakistan has battled terrorism and is finally coming out of it. Many people think that there are constant fights and terrorist attacks in Pakistan, but it isn’t that bad as they think it is.

Mostly for work

Every year, around 13 international passengers enter the country, but most of them are businessmen or Pakistanis working in the Middle East, who come home for the holidays. For the tourism industry to be successful, one out of every three visitors should be a foreign tourist. If that happens, then Pakistan will get four million international tourists every year and would considerably change the aviation industry too. Visa-on-arrival will change a lot of things for Pakistan.

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