Monumental Event for Cambodia Chinese Visitors Crossed 1 Million Mark

For the first time in history, more than one million Chinese visited Cambodia in 2017. It is a monumental event and something Cambodia takes great pride in. The number increased by 45.9 percent than 2016 making Chinese people first in the list of arrivals in Cambodia. All these stats were mentioned in an annual report by the Tourism Ministry of Cambodia. Vietnam and Laos followed next. Chinese passport holders make 21.6 percent of the international visitors visiting Cambodia. The Southeast Asian country received 5.6 million international visitors in 2017 up by 11.8 percent from 2016. Thong Khon, tourism minister of Cambodia, said that 2017 was a significant year for Cambodia’s tourism sector. Until 2016, Cambodia received the greater number of international tourists from Vietnam, but China overtook in 2017 and surpassed the one million mark as well. According to the report, a total of 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited Cambodia in 2017. With so many tourists entering the country, the local economy has seen a rise and poverty is lessening. There are 126 direct flights every week between China and Cambodia run by 12 companies. The tourism minister predicted that Cambodia will welcome two million Chinese tourists by 2020 and is excited how it will turn out.

Rich middle class of China

Chinese tourists are helping foreign countries flourish. In 2017, more than 122 million Chinese people traveled out of the country. Most of them traveled to Europe, UAE, and Cambodia. After the entire struggle, it seems like the Chinese middle class can now afford a lot more than they could a couple of decades ago. Cheap flights and increase in the economy have contributed to their growth. In UAE, Chinese travelers increased by almost 46 percent after the Arab country started visa-on-arrival for them. It is the right time to tap the tourism industry because China is going really strong.

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