Irrestible Tourist Attractions in Dubai
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Dubai, a United Arab Emirates city, is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.  It is also known as the business centre that has transformed into a global city in the world. Dubai's culture centres on Arab culture and the religion of Islam and this to a great extent influences the lifestyle, cuisine, attire, architecture, and their music as well.

Dubai generates revenue for their economy from trade, and a little from oil.  But recently, a larger part of her revenue comes from tourism, real estate, financial services and aviation. Because of the many tourist approaches in the business sector, her culture has evolved from luxury and wealth with high regard for pleasure.

Tourism in Dubai is an integral part of its government to have a steady flow of foreign income into the emirate.  Recently, Dubai became the most visited tourist city by travellers and Desires.  It has beautiful tourist sites to behold, ranging from iconic endless deserts, towering skyscrapers, ultra-modern architecture, lively nightlife and much more to experience. Amongst the tourist site are:

Dubai Fountain

This is one of the tourist attractions in Dubai, one of the important feature is a colourful jet as high as 450ft, which is the same as 45-storey building, 900ft long, with 5 circles of different colours. Another feature is music performances that take place at the fountain. The shimmering lights at night time make the fountain very attractive to travellers.

Al Bastakia

Al Bastakia also known as Al Fahidi is an old town that appeals to lovers of culture. It is known as one of the architectural series of buildings in southern Iran. The Beauty of architecture, Sandy leaves, limestone buildings and much more adorns the buildings. The roof of the Bastakia tower is constructed to have a means of funneling air into the house, this is referred to traditional air-conditioning.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is found in the creekside in Park Dubai, and has become one of the amusement parks including fish farm, aquarium, coral reef and a Research centre.  This primary aim of the facility was to entertain as well as educate Dubaites and visitors of all ages, and also showcasing the need for preservation of aquatic species.  Visitors are given such opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

Dubai Miracle Garden

This is one of the newest tourist site in Dubai launched on February 14, 2013, found around the Arabian Ranches in Dubai land. Beautified with a collection of flowers of about 45 million, scattered across 72,000 SQ meter side.  Features of Dubai Miracle Garden include; Stars, pyramids, igloos, as well as flowerbeds and topiary style display.  The floral display is always a pleasure to everyone, whether you are a visitor or a foreigner, as it changes according to seasons.

Palm Island

The Palm Island is a set of artificial twin islands; Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali.  Palm Jewel Ali island take the shape of a palm tree, but Palm Jumeirah is completed and foreigners can pay a visit to. They best way to view these islands is from the top of the high-rise skyscrapers.

Hatta Heritage Village

This place is found in the mountains of Al Hajar.  This place exposes the beautiful traditional life of Dubaites to travellers. The traditional occupation of farming and knitting shared by people is an extraordinary attachment that binds people from this town. The houses built from mountain rocks are also a significant site here with sculptures, folklore, and the musical and dance performances that take places every night.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalid is an iconic feat of architectural wonder of 148th floor.  The observation is on the 124th and 148th floor, with a restaurant on the 122nd floor. A major feature is the virtual tour and interactive attraction named A falcon's eye view on the 125th floor where the visitor gets facts about Burj and Dubai. This place is a must - visit site.

These and many more beautiful tourist site are found in and around the Emirate of Dubai.

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