China Govt. Introduced New Visa Category for Skilled Filipinos

Skilled Filipinos are excited about working in China after the government included them under a new visa category. It allows talent Filipinos to work in Shanghai as confirmed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. The visa is called the China “R” Visa or China Talent Visa. Those eligible for the visa include foreign scientists, international entrepreneurs, technology talents, science, and other talented people that the Chinese government will decide as talent required for its economic and social development. The Chinese government won’t charge any application fees and can be filled at your home’s comfort through an online portal. The POEA said that the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shanghai will access every applicant carefully based on a classification and grading system. The China R-visa is an attractive policy and allows visa holders to get 10-year multiple entry visas. It lets you stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days at a time. The visa is ideal for international entrepreneurs so that they can manage business back home and in China without needing to renew their visa every time they visit. One of the conditions to qualify for the visa is that the applicant needs to earn at least six times more than the average Chinese salary. China is a new territory for Filipinos because according to Chinese laws cannot hire Filipino workers.

Finding the best of all talents

China wasn’t open to international talent until and preferred local workers over them. But with how Canada and the US are growing, China, too, realized that to sustain in this global market foreign talent is necessary. China R Visa is the first step the government has taken towards being open to foreign workers. It is the second fastest growing economy and to become the first one and a developed nation, some international help is required.

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