7 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in London

The United Kingdom is a European Country that consists of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland located around north Western Europe.  It is a member of the G8, NATO, the commonwealth, United Nations and the European Union. Its economy is said to be the 5th largest in the world with 65 million people living in the UK.

United Kingdom’s tourism sector is very vital and vibrant, and it makes up over 80% of her economy. Research has shown that over £106 billion is generated every year, creating employment for about 2 million people.

The United Kingdom is also known as the world's biggest tourist destination with about 36 million people visiting annually by foreign tourists. However, there are 7 top rated tourist destinations in the UK, which you don’t want to miss whenever you set your feet in the UK. Top on the list of the most top rated tourist attraction in the UK is the Tower of London amongst others.

The Tower of London is known to be the world's fortress and a home to the Crown Jewels.  This tower used to be a prison from 1100 to the twentieth century.  Although it was first used as a royal residence before then, it is also one of the most frequented buildings in England.

Stonehenge is one of the top rated tourist sites in England. It is also mysterious sites as the culture that produced it, left no unwritten record so Stonehenge remains an unsolved puzzle.  Because of this, Stonehenge is not identified with any function it served.  But, researchers and scholars believe that it was used for religious activities.

Big Ben is a 150-year-old Clock Tower and it's one of London's top attractions. The name came because the tower houses a 13-ton bell and takes the name after Sir Benjamin Hall, the man who first controlled it.

Windsor Castle is the biggest castle in the world, located in western London according to research is one of Queen Elizabeth II official residences and she spends most weekends at the Castle, using it for both private and state entertainment. Windsor Castle is one of the most surviving buildings dating from the reign of King Henry II of 1154.

York Minster is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, dominating the horizon of the ancient city of York. It integrates the different architectural developmental phases in England.  The building was begun in 1230 and completed in 1472. It is also known as the building that has the "Great East Window" which is the biggest spread of medieval taint glass in the world.

Durham Cathedral is located around north east England in the city of Durham. It is said to be the greatest building in England. It is loved particularly for its matchless setting. The building began in 1093 and had a lot of reconstructions and rehabilitations, but the structure remained a Norman design. Durham Cathedral was England's favourite building in a poll conducted by BBC in 2001.

Lake District is located in the county of Cambria, northwest England. It is the biggest National park in the country.  Known as England's best site for climbing and hiking. Its lakes and fells that provide its histrionic and exciting scenery the main attractions found in the lake.

Any time you visit the UK, I bet you don’t want to miss any of these places.

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