Philippines May Consider Visas on Arrival for Indian Citizens

Philippines May Consider Visas on Arrival for Indian Citizens

Do you want to pay a visit to Philippines but cannot because of visa problems?

The department of tourism of Philippines is trying to broaden the Visa on Arrival policies for Indian
citizens in order to attract more Indian tourists to Philippines. This is a measure which is a follow up to granting the Chinese tourist visa on arrival.

The Undersecretary of Department of Tourism, Ronaldo Canizal, announced that they are looking to attract about 100,000 tourists from India in 2017. He mentioned that India is next to only China in terms of population and providing Indians with more relaxed terms of entry into Philipines will allow more Indians to visit the country. He wants the Indian market to utilise this visa policy procedure.

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Earlier, Indian citizens had to apply for a visa for travelling to Philipines prior to visiting the country. Now
Indians can visit Philipines on Visa upon Arrival. The initial Visa grants a 14 days stay which can be
extended to another period of 7 days. This can only be applicable at certain airports in the country. This
visa cannot be converted to other visa categories.

Indian citizens can be allowed a visa free entry for 14 days if they hold a valid visa for Japan, America,
Australia, Canada, Schengen, Singapore or the UK. The Indian passport should at least have 7 months of validity left on it. They should also have a return or onward journey ticket for another country. There should be no derogatory record with the Bureau of Immigration, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency and, or with the International Police Interpol.

An Indian national can still apply for a visa at the Philippine Service Post if the stay is longer than 21 days.
The immigration officer has every right to exclude and refuse entry even if all the rules of visiting the
country are adhered to.

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