Oman Visa Relaxed For Tourists Coming From India, China and Russia

Oman Visa Relaxed For Tourists Coming From India, China and Russia

Tourists from India, Russia and China will have a better time visiting Oman now. The Omani authorities have relaxed the rules for dispensing visas to tourists from the three countries.

The Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) stated that tourists from Russia, India and China who reside in, or hold an entry visa to either USA, UK, Australia, Canada or Schengen states can apply for non-sponsored tourist visas. These visas will be subject to the terms and conditions of Omani authorities. Having prior hotel reservations and return tickets are absolutely essential before the visas can be issued.

The cost of these non-sponsored visas is 20 Omani rials. The visas are valid for a month. The visitors can bring their spouses and children on this visa for the duration of their visit in Oman.

Tourism has made it on the radar of the Omani authorities. Approximately 3 million visitors entered the Omani state in 2016. This figure has risen substantially from 2.47 million visitors to the country in 2015, thanks to an increase in Indian tourists. Subsequently, Oman is promoting Muscat as a prime destination for tourists looking for a mix of environmental beauty as well as a luxurious experience. As a part of its strategy, it has recently launched a campaign to promote its own brand, specifically targeting India.


Source: travelnewsdigest

Going further and digitizing processes

Digitization of systems is also high on Oman’s agenda. It is upgrading the process to start issuing e-visas for 67 countries. This ought to make the procedure hassle-free and encourage people to choose Oman as the preferred tourist destination.

This does not come as a surprise though, since UAE implemented ‘visas on arrival’ for high profile individuals from the UK, US, Russia and China. Consequently, it saw a huge influx of tourists from those countries. The trend is a welcome relief to hundreds and thousands of tourists looking to escape the daily churn.

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