New Zealand Residence Program

New Zealand Residence Program

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a lot to offer to the immigrants with work opportunities and permanent residence. New Zealand has many programs for immigrants under immigration and visas policy. Not just that, they have opened their doors for the investors as well. Those who wants to invest in New Zealand go through a selection process, which is called a selection of (EOI) that is Expression of interest under the Migrant Investment Category. The selection process held this past Wednesday on the 14 September 2016.

The Investors are selected from a pool of candidates on points. The jury decides the eligibility of Migrant investors from these points. This Wednesday, 15 EOIs were selected from the pool having points between 70 to 76 points. The total number of EOIs were 39. It all depends on the points if all 39 of them have scored 70 or more points than all of them would have been selected because of the flexibility provided by them.

Now the total number of EOIs remaining in the pool of candidates is 24. 15 migrant’s investors are selected from 70 to 76 points, eight investor immigrants got less than 60 points, three immigrant investors got points between 61-64 and remaining 13 got 65-69 points on the given criteria. The important thing for a migrant investor which authorities consider is that in which field of work they want to invest and how much.

The policy for immigration and visa by New Zealand government is very supportive and gives flexibility to investors whether they are applying for work or want to invest in New Zealand. The next draw will open on the 28 September 2016. This is a process that is held after every two weeks.

The process is very simple, potential migrant’s investor apply for the New Zealand visa under investor category. Then after checking by documents and previous history, a pool of candidates is generated by the authorities. Then from this potential pool EOIs are selected by interviews and data provided by the candidates. The candidates who have failed to be chosen from the pool for six months are withdrawn as per immigration policy and instructions. They will apply again under investor category accordance with immigration and visa policy. New Zealand is a grown economy and one of the best destination for people with skill and talents in all fields of life. So, what are you waiting for if you want to grow your business and become a part of world class community, then New Zealand awaits you!! Grasp the opportunity and life the life you want to live.

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