New Rules for the members of the US Visa Waiver Program

New Rules for the members of the US Visa Waiver Program

For the 38 countries that are participating in the US Visa Waiver Program and also use the US counterterrorism Data to screen travelers, there are new rules that have been put forward by the Trump Administration.


The citizens of these countries can travel to the US without visa for a period of 90 days and all they will need for entry is a travel authorization. However, the measures will now get more stringent and restrictions will be enforced for enhanced security purposes for those who try to enter the country to work and live in all the possible ways.


The new changes that will be implemented shall apply to all the participating countries. This shall include the countries using the US information to screen those stepping into their boundaries from third countries, which is something that they already do. Another change is that countries whose residents overstay in the US beyond the authorized period at unusually higher rates will have to carry out campaigns educating people about the consequences of overstaying their welcome, one of them being that will not be allowed to step into the US without a visa in the future.


Officials have stated that the limit exceeding which the public campaign clause gets triggered is 2%. In the last fiscal year, Portugal, Hungary, Greece and San Marino which is in Italy, crossed this limit as per the records of the Department of Homeland Security.


The countries in the Visa Waiver Program will also be evaluated on the basis of the measures taken against ‘insider threats’ at their respective airports, mainly those which have direct flights coming into the US.



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