Moscow-The Great Onion Domed City of Eastern Europe

Moscow-The Great Onion Domed City of Eastern Europe

Russia is the capital city of Russia, formerly known as the Soviet Union, and deserves an article all to itself. Visitors to Russia from India need a valid passport, return ticket, tourist confirmation letter confirming that they are going with a tour company if appropriate and details of accommodation, excursions etc. as well as a visa which can be applied for via the website If you apply for a visa directly from one of the Russian embassies in India such as in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or New Delhi then workers at the visa centre can help you fill in the appropriate forms.

The main feature known to holidaymakers in Moscow is the Kremlin and Red Square with the fantastic onion shaped coloured domes of St Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow is also well known for the arts, with the famous Bolshoi Ballet and fantastic circus act performing what appear to be death-defying feats.

If you are interested in Soviet-era history then there are monuments to old battles and heroes as well as museums such as the Art Muzeon, around this gorgeous city. You can event visit a museum in an underground bunker at Bunker-42 Cold War Museum. Public transport in Moscow is cheap and consists of trams, buses, taxis, trolleybuses and even water transport to give you a whole new view of the city.

Moscow nightlife is also full of interesting venues from art cafes, retro cafes and dance clubs, and it also has many parks where there are outdoor theatre shows, ping-pong matches, swimming pools and even outdoor dances, many in the famed Gorky Park. The Russian currency is the RUR, or Russian Rouble, with a rouble consisting of 100 kopeeks, so stock up before you get to Moscow and enjoy your holiday from India to Russia.

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