Man’s Family Story how Canadian Immigration Helps to Grow

Man’s Family Story how Canadian Immigration Helps to Grow

Dmytro Ponomarov was also worried about his security because he grew up in Ukraine but that has changed after he migrated to Canada. Many years later, Ponomarov was about to start his family, and he decided that he doesn’t want the same childhood he had for his children, so he decided to settle in Canada.

During his interview, Ponomarov said that aggression is something you experience in every aspect of your life when you live in Ukraine. No one really can neither wants to protect children other than their own parents. When he was in Grade 5, he learned to box and even won four Ukrainian national championships. When he saw people getting shot on a news channel back at home in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, he knew he wanted to provide a better life for his children. And that’s when he started his mission of bringing his pregnant wife, Olene and infant son. So he started the process in 2015 and took the International English Language Testing System exam in October of the same year, in which he scored seven.

That was around the same time, and his wife gave birth to their second child, a girl. After coming to Canada, he was rather surprised that everything so safe and clean. Everyone around was friendly, and there was absolutely no sign of danger. After coming to Canada, he got the job of a service technician at Eastlink, which Ponomarov said was his dream job opportunity.

Studying again

After learning English, Olena is now studying accounting technology at Holland College, Prince Edward Island. Her husband is very happy that Olena is able to take part in various activities that make herself independent. Coming to Canada was a new hope, a unique opportunity for the family and Ponomonav agrees that it is the best decision he ever made.

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