"Skilled migrants STILL WELCOME after Brexit" says British Chancellor

British MP and Chancellor, PHILIP Hammond, has indicated that high-skilled migrants from the EU can be rest assured as he promised that they will we welcomed even after Brexit.

Hammond is running an arrangement that will limit the count of lesser-skilled migrants coming into the UK, although skilled migrants such as computer programmers, bankers & senior managers will possibly be excluded from undergoing tough migration rules.

In the presence of a ‘Treasury Select Committee’, the 60-year-old Chancellor said that “a vote to leave the bureaucratic Brussels bloc was not a vote to limit computer programmers, brain surgeons, bankers, senior managers working in Britain.

The British Government’s "targeted visa scheme" is a step afar from the European Union's central principle of unrestricted movement of individuals – which currently provides the right to anyone among the 510 million people of EU states to travel, work or live in the UK.

Hammond affirmed that UK’s public had explicitly notified the Government that they wanted the extent of migration to be controlled in lieu of the Brexit vote. Thus it is very clear that a stringent visa scheme will be implemented.

He further stated, “It’s very clear to me they are not talking about computer programmers, brain surgeons, bankers, senior managers, or possibly students.”

“They are talking about people competing for entry level jobs with people in the U.K. who perhaps have a level of skills that means they only have access to those kinds of jobs.”

The Chancellor furthermore took a subtle dig at the ministers who’ve been requesting that the PM Theresa May commits to a staunch and hard-core stance on Brexit.

Hammond expressed “I would say that those that are undermining the effort are those that are seeking to close down that negotiating space, seeking to arrive at hard decisions that we don’t need to make at this stage.

“Keeping as many areas open, as many options open at this stage, is the key to the strongest negotiating hand.”

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