Will UK be able to keep down its Immigration target

The UK has certainly seen multifaceted changes in its political technological and economic side which still has not fit best with its Immigration policies and laws. Last year 248,000 immigrants were found to reside in the country due to various work related activities.

David Davis Brexit secretary has said,” "the aim, but we can't promise within five years”.

As we can see the indomitable technological rush going on along with UK facing an aging population this news would certainly favour the skilled workers who can still find longevity in their careers present in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor party, said,”"If we didn't have migrant workers either from outside Europe or within Europe working in our National Health Service... it would be in an even worse state than it is at present”.

The Labor Party leader has said he would match the skill shortage phase with the best-fit immigrant and try to control the immigration to the desired level which helps the UK to develop economically and gain more ground globally.

Post Brexit UK is free to discover its boundaries across borders and the fall in migration will not resolute to the problems of the country. The UK is trying to bring skilled workforce which would be an advantage to the Economy along with giving numerous opportunities to the locals as well as the highly skilled immigrants.

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