After the Britons decision to exit from the European Union, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen to the EU immigrants living in the United Kingdom.

The future of these three million non-EU immigrants is in the hands of policy makers who are going to frame new immigration policy. The prominent members of the Brexit campaign favored Indians and Australians who speak good English and abide by the law of lands.

There is support for the families from the EU countries who are eligible for the UK permanent residence from the top leave campaigners.

The exit process will take  more than two years and new EU immigrants may not be allowed to enter during  this time.

In the recent meeting with the European Leaders, the British Prime Minister David Cameroon said that the UK needs access to EU market and both must sign an agreement for long term benefits.The lead campaigners promoted the Australian style of point based immigration system for UK All these changes will directly affect 1 million UK Citizens living in EU and 3 million EU Citizens living in UK.

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