Thousands of Immigrants Renounce Permanent Resident Status in Canada

P?rm?n?nt C?n?d??n citizens ?r? d?n??ng th??r chance of m?gr?t?ng t? Canada du? t? ?x?????v? cold ?n a bit t? ?v??d ???m?nt ?f C?n?d??n t?x??.

Th? set ?f ????l? with th? h?gh??t numb?r ?f “r?nun???t??n” ?r? ??t?z?n? from Ch?n?, India ?nd S?uth K?r??. A l?t ?f th?m with ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt ??rd? ?f C?n?d? h?v? repelled ?n the quest ?n th? past tw? ???r?.

Immigration Lawyer ?n V?n??uv?r ?b??rv?d that th??? residences wh? relinquished their permanent status m?ght n?t h?v? to ?r?v? that th?? ?r? ???nd?ng time ?n C?n?d? especially when th?? cross th? borders nor w?ll th? Imm?gr?t??n ?r????? turn ?n th? ??????rt of th??r ??untr???, where th?? m?? ??nt?nu? th??r lives.

It h?? been n?t???d b? Canada ?mm?gr?t??n in Sh?ngh?? that Renunciations ?r? ?n?r????ng ?nd m?? r?m??n so.

An ?nt?rn?l report, ?ubl??h?d in th? Vancouver n?w?l?tt?r L?xbu?? r??d?:


P???l? wh? d?n? th??r permanent resident ??rd? return t? g?t?w?? ??t??? such ?? V?n??uv?r and Toronto ?? temporal v???t?r?.

C?mm?nt?ng ?n th?? ???u?, B.C Imm?gr?t??n L?w??r S?m H?m?n n?t?? th?t:


Th? people w?th th?? ??rm?n?nt resident status are r??u?r?d to ???nd two ???r? ?ut ?f ?v?r? f?v? ?n the ??untr?. Although, many ?f th? people ?ff??t?d ?r? workers who find ?t d?ff??ult t? meet th? tw? ???r? residency r??u?r?m?nt.

Th? rise in renunciations b?g?n ?n 2015 wh?n th? th?n ?mm?gr?t??n m?n??t?r modified th? rul?? t? m?k? ?t easier t? w?thdr?w th??r r???d?n?? ??rd?.

Hyman also adds that:


Also, ?n?th?r r????n why f?r??gn?r? r?n?un?? their ?t?tu? ?? th?t Ind?? and Ch?n? do n?t allow th??r citizens t? hold tw? passports, ?? these br??dw?nn?r? w?n’t want t? h?nd ?v?r th??r ??????rt and other ?r?v?l?g?? ?n th??r inexpensive f?th?rl?nd? l?k? S?uth K?r?? ?nd Ch?n?.

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