Surge in the no. of Immigrants leave post Brexit

The British economy certainly seems gloomy skies in the near future with skilled and talented workers leave the country. There is too much data to support the ongoing uproar and skill shortage being faced by the firms who have lost potential and skilled workers from their work domain.

The ageing population and the European Union people who have migrated to the UK in past years have dropped consistently in past few months shows clear signs people not favouring the Brexit moment.

The student's enrollments in the universities had also dropped by 32,000 considering the Theresa May’s government’s Immigration stand which has propagated job cuts of the potential workforce which the UK had. There has also been an increase in crime rates which has also caused disruptions.

The government has to stringently curb all these losses and recreate a strong Immigration system in place of existing one. As per reports, UK will require 2,00000 Immigrants to accomplish its workforce goals who have been part of different sectors of the trade and economy.

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