Spouses of US immigrants on H-1B Visas could lose their Rights to Work

Spouses of US immigrants on H-1B Visas could lose their Rights to Work

Under the Donald Trumps administration, a lot of women who had jobs during Obama’s administration stand the chance of losing their jobs.

A person with the H-1B visa that has applied for permanent residence, their partners can also apply for the H4-EAD.

Madhuri Nemali, An immigration lawyer at Cameo Law group in a statement said that;


The H4- Employment Authorisation Document started operating during the administration of Obama in 2015, where they tried to retain skilled workers in the United States. This H4-EAD was a hindrance for families where partners wanted to pursue careers.

The case filed by Save Jobs USA in 2015 has the job of thousands depending on it. The organisation is made up of workers who argue that their jobs are being given to H-1B holders. This Save Jobs lawsuit which was filed at the federal appeals court, claims that the H-4 authorisation denies Americans of the jobs belonging to them and that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had no right to create a new employment visa category.

The court which was to decide on the progress on April 3rd after a 60 – day hold on proceedings. Save Jobs USA opposed the motion of the DHS request for another 180 days, shifting the case to 27 September 2017.

John Miano, a lawyer representing Save Jobs USA from the center of Immigration Studies, noted that the cases quest was to restrict the exploitation of the immigration systems. Adding that the administration of Obama;


Withdrawing the authorisation will affect Indian workers who take up the majority of the H-1B visas.

Immigration voice speaks for people with H-4EAD who have established companies and at the end employed Americans.

A project manager, Anuj Dhamija who has worked for 7 years for a Fortune 100 company and after wards acquired the H4-EAD to establish a remodeling business which can create about 10 construction American Jobs. Dhamija said that;


Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research, Daniel Costa emphasizes that the people that are affected by the rule are close to acquiring the U.S permanent residents and citizens as well.

Costa added that;


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