IRCC refreshes ranking based on time stamp with CRS points for applicants

The IRCC will now rank the Visa applicants based on the time-stamp and date per its CRS tied score. This strategy adopted by the IRCC will give the candidates who are present in the Express Entry pool previously to be ranked higher as compared to the candidates who have registered recently.

The applicants whose profile has been lapsed or withdrawn have to again fill a fresh application with latest changes of additional score allotment if the visa claimant is found under any of those programs under Express Entry. The applicants who receive an ITA should fall under any one the three Express Entry Schemes which are FSTC, FSWC or the CEC. These Federal Skilled class will take in candidates CRS points based on the language, Skilled Work experience, educational performance, and age. Other new criteria are a sibling in Canada and candidate being well versed in French which awards the applicant with additional 15-20 points in CRS points bucket.

An Express Entry draw with 3000 ITA’s issued and minimum threshold of 410 CRS points will not be able to accept a candidate application in the draw if he/she is 3001 and a recent time-stamp, in such a case it will remain in the pool. The candidates with same CRS points will be checked against the other candidate, in case it has a higher time-stamp he/she will rank less than the other applicant.

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