Germany Gains Popularity as a Tourist Destination

Germany is a country with more than 4 million people and it ranks as the seventh most visited destination in the world. Also, more than 30% of her citizens spend holidays in their country and it’s said to be one of the most secured destinations worldwide

German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is the official body for tourism with 29 Tourist Offices worldwide. A survey conducted by GNTB about the reasons why people come to Germany shows that the culture, countryside, cities, security, good hospitality, accessibility, fabulous cuisine  and the serene environs of the country are the factors that influences visitations.

Millions of international tourists arrive Germany annually, bringing over US$38 billion in international tourism receipts to the country and this contributes to over EUR43.2 billion to German GDP, providing about 2 million jobs

For many years now, since the end World War II, lots of tourist travel to Germany to have a feel of the history of Europe and the distinguishable German geography. The country features 14 national parks, 14 Biosphere Reserves as well as 98 Nature parks.

However, it has been observed that Germany is growing in popularity as a tourist destination even with the terrorist attacks; this seems not to have any negative influence in the number of visitors to Germany.

The country has for the 7th time set a record in a row. According to the Federal Statistical Office, an overnight stay of about 447 million in domestic and foreign gusts was recorded in 2016. This number shows a 3% increase when matched to 2015 and this makes the country a famous tourism destination.

Germany is the biggest country in the EU, which has become the most accommodating tourist centre for Indians. Because of this steadfast increase, the German National Tourist Office in India predicts about 5% increase in 2017 for holiday makers to Germany.

This year, the GNTO has intentions to concentrate on Parks, Garden as well as the theme of Palace. It will equally promote these parks, stress-free travel and vivacious vacations in Germany.

The GNTO in India will promote this by implementing thematic operations with partners of industry in order to present the variety that exists in Germany. With respect to trade, the destination is all ready to showcase its online training module to sensitize people about events and changes on the up-to-date in Germany this year.

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