EU Says Likelihood of A No-Deal Brexit on the Increase

The EU has wrapped up its plans for Brexit, should it happen without a deal. According to the body, the no-deal Brexit has become an increasingly likely possibility. According to a statement made by the European Commission yesterday in Brussels, the no-deal possibility is not the preferred option, but the EU is prepared for that eventuality. In the statement, it also urged all citizens and businesses operating in the EU to wrap up their preparations for the likely no-deal scenario. This statement was made following Theresa May's appeal to extend the Brexit date which had previously been scheduled for the 29th of March. The EU agreed to extend the date to May 22, but only on the condition that May passes the Withdrawal Agreement. The British Parliament, on the other hand, has twice rejected this deal. If she fails to meet up, the EU will only allow an extension up to April 12. This implies that the UK may be ‘crashing out’ of the EU by then if no alternatives are presented. The Commission stated that it is prepared for this possibility and that the EU is united in its preparations. It emphasized the importance of everyone being aware of the consequences of a no-deal scenario and gearing themselves up for it. If Brexit happens by next month with a deal, all EU laws will instantly become invalid in the UK. The transition period will no longer feature as is covered in the Withdrawal Agreement. This certainly, will significantly disrupt life and activities for citizens and businesses in the UK.

Any visa policies for this impending situation?

The EU has plans to implement some policies that will cushion the effect of a no-deal scenario which include:
  • Visa waivers for UK citizens coming into the EU. This policy will only be effective if the UK reciprocates with the same waivers for EU citizens.
  • The continuation of the PEACE program up till 2020 on the island of Ireland.
  • Short-term measures to ensure the flow of finance to avoid the effects of its instant disruption.
  • Measures to avoid the disruption of air traffic between the UK and the EU.
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