7 Must See Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a country with four languages and English as a common language. Sometimes referred to as the Lion and it is found on the south east of Asia. Ranked 5th internaationally and first in Asia on the Numan Development Index of the UN.

A major contributor to the Singaporean economy is tourism which attracts millions of internationally foreigners annually.

In 2015, Singapore was rared 11 out of 141 countries by the travel and tourism competitiveness report.

As a tourism centre, Singapore has many tourist destinations to visit and the top  seven best attractions site include;

Marina Bay Sands

This resort complex defines the Singapore’s taste of magnificience and elegance, and it adds to the attractiveness of a foremost international metropolis  in south east Asia.

Features of theis resort includes high-end luxury brands, a nautical skypark, a shopping mall with a waterway running through it and an recreational park.

The nautical skypark has a vantage point, and its inspecting deck and infinity pool are located in the ship that ops the hotel. Only people who are loddging in the hotel are allowed to use the infinity pool.

One can also view the port double helix bridge, the gardens and the inspiring skyline. Guest can also get a cup of coffee and a snack at the restaurant’s rooftop.


For those who have visited or lived in China, this resort centre brings back the memories if China to them. From Chinese cuisine, small stores to the red dazzling light that illuminates the town. Features of this small town includes the early morning drum dance and relic viewing in the evening.

Raffles Hotel

This hotel is an ancient grand building of the 19th century and had been visited by literary personalities such as Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Corad. The Raffles hotel was built in 1887 and it serves as a landmark for Singapore for more than a century.

The orthodoxical architecture and the gardens provides a sophisticated setting that shows another face of Singapore’s history.

Singapore Zoo

This place is often referred to as worlds best zoo, a very remarkable habitation. The zoo is properly managed as its clean, appealing and its worth visiting. The animals are well taken care of with different kinds of vegetation. The zoo has many creatures such as chimpanzee, meerkats, rats, tigers, kangaroos and others.

Singapore Flyer

This place is referred to as the world’s largest gaint observation wheel. It has different packages and each of them allows the visitor to choose where to go while you are properly attended to. There are many places to view, form the malaysia’s strait of Johor to the Spice islands of Indonesia.

Gardens by the Bay

The garden is a perfect place to enjoy vibrant plant life as you go about the Bay East garden features of the gargens include the super tree groove where you will find the historic buildings designed to preserve th environment. Visitors have the opportunity to view the world’s tallest waterfall and also know a bit about biodiversity.

Botanic Gardens.

This place is a beautiful site to nehold. Some years ago the Botanic gardens got its first nomination from UNESCO World Heritage. The garden sometimes has the feeling of a jungle, however it is clean and very comfortable. Singapore’s remote heritage is preserved in this garden.

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