Want a job in the UK? Take the route of a Tier 2 Visa!

International graduates, who wish to work in the UK after graduating, can now look forward to a good offer from the country. As per the British Home-Office, individuals with a job offer for a graduate-level, which pays a graduate salary, can undertake sponsored occupations by means of a Tier 2 visa.

More than 28,000 employers in the UK are Tier 2 licensed sponsors. If individuals after graduation, apply for a Tier 2 from inside the UK, there will be a waiver on the resident labor market test and they won’t be restricted to the yearly limit on Tier 2 visa numbers.

Entrepreneurs, who recently graduated, can take the Tier 1 route. Individuals who are recognized by their educational institutions or a trade & investment in the UK, can stay for up to 2 years to expand their business in the country before changing to a Tier 2 or remain on Tier 1.

For some graduates who wish to take up a time of corporate internship or professional training in line with their qualifications, there are provisions for switching to a Tier 5 ahead of pursuing a career abroad.

Under this process, graduates who are non-EU can acquire work experience by way of internships that are sponsored or paid for, or in the form of training plans, as long as they are being paid on par with the minimum wage in the country. Internships are diverse when provided by employers, like BAE Systems, the Bar Council, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Offices.

Students pursuing Ph.D. who want to live in the UK for another year can do so under the Doctorate Extension Scheme of Tier 4, to seek employment or begin their own business. Anyone who wishes for a Tier 4 student visa, should have the option to study at Tier 4 sponsored educational institution. The applicants must also be able to financially support themselves while staying in the UK and must hold a certified level of English to complete their chosen course, as well as possess appropriate qualifications.

Ph.D. graduates additionally have access to the ‘Doctorate Extension Scheme’, which lets them live in the United Kingdom to look for jobs for up to 12 months upon graduation.

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