Indian Techies Visit Washington To Seek Help

Indian Techies Visit Washington To Seek Help

A group of around 100 Indian techies with H-1B visited Washington. They want the government to remove specific quota for permanent residency. They believe that it will result in a massive limitation in green card backlog. Every year US Citizenship and Immigration Services receives around 100,000 applications from highly-skilled Indians. The American government only gives out 50,000 green card and that als on lottery basis.

On an average, only 10,000 Indians get closer to their American dream. Harshit Chatur, a Houston-based Indian, said that this backlog is there since the past 70 years. He is in the US for the past 10 years and still hasn’t got the US green card. The US has a country limit. A citizen from the country gets the green card if he waits for that period. For India the limit is 70 years. That means that Chatur will have to wait for 60 more years to get a green card, if he doesn’t win one in the lottery.

Skilled Immigrants In America

Skilled Immigrants In America is started by Indian techies in the US. It now has over 150,000 members and chapters in over 25 states of America. Anirban Ghosh, president of Skilled Immigrants In America said that they are legally in the US. They get paid well, pay taxes, and abide laws of the country. Even though they were born in a different country, they should’ve become US citizens by now. The organization wants Congress to notice their efforts and solve the issue immediately.

All of the 100 who visited Washington to talk with lawmakers want them to know that they are struggling to keep up. They have dependent children, most of whom are born in the US. despite being born in the same country they have to fight for their rights.

The US shouldn’t distinguish between different countries. Every highly skilled immigrant and his family deserves only the best.

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