Indians Complaints US About H-1B Visas and Security Trap

Posted on: 23 Apr 2016  |   Tags: H-1B visas , H1B visa , india complaints , Indians complaints ,

The legislature of India has retreated to surely understood feature making grieve that the charges which was slapped for the visa by the US on talented remote workers H-1B visas are one-sided towards IT specialists from India, even as the US is curve on screening that a major number of specific visas are cornered by those whose objective is to help the Indian residents move to the US.

The sticky issue of the H-1B visas by and by highlighted in dialogs when Indian money clergyman met with the exchange illustrative of the US Michael Froman for examining a pile of disputable matters that incorporates understanding of temptation which India has been taking a stab at.

The understanding says giving back the cash to Indian representatives, they had paid for arrangement of government managed savings that is lost on the off chance that they backtrack to India without setting up Permanent Resident.

India has said that the experts from India has paid extra than $25 million towards reserves for government disability over the past ten years even as acquiring the Permanent Resident has ended up troublesome.

India has sent a solid message on the visa expense matter considering that the nationals from India are the main beneficiaries of outside gifted laborer visa and are affected by the choice of forcing a unique charge of $4,500 on H-1B and L-1 visas prominent among IT firms of India for financing demonstration of human services and arrangement of biometric following.

India has debilitated to take this matter to WTO, which few US IT firms likewise back this choice because of deficiency of high talented workers.

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