Kuwait -Stop Hiring Maids On Daily Wages

The Department of Residency Investigations received the information that some consultancies are recruiting the domestic labor on daily wage. In Jleed Al-Shuyoukh, the authorities have arrested four men and eight women of Ethiopian nationality and seized bills related to the company and the office.

Authorities are concerned over the issue of domestic workers who are unprofessional and entered the local labor market easily. It hurts the system in Kuwait. The degree of the crime is severe as the foreign nationals are running the bogus job market.

This criminal phenomenon requires in-depth investigation and understands the reach of this foreign national. The experts opine that the immigrants who come to Kuwait must provide their criminal record, if not the authorities must collect information from the foreign embassies.

The people who come to Kuwait as the domestic workers must submit the comprehensive details that include the criminal record also. Kuwait has a high number of foreign nationals working as the local labor, the country's security system has to prevent the illegal inflow into the country. It is the duty of the authorities to control the immigration inflow through the responsive system that gives possible information about the domestic labor.

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