Public advocate criticize Home Office for its poor immigration service

According to the Ombudsman (public advocate) from the parliamentary and Health Service, Julie Mellor, she had viewed many cases where individuals has been separated from their dear ones, unable to do the job and where their kids has been denied access to pursue education.

In a report, viewing at the complaints about the government departments and agencies of the UK in the year 2014-15, she said that out of 158 complaints about the UK Home Office and its immigration agencies, over two thirds has been upheld.

The main reasons for those complaints were delay in the cases of border and immigration, while poor decision making was also highlighted in the complaints.

Around the large four departments that generate many complaints to the public advocate, the Work and Pension Department, Revenue and Customs department and the Justice Ministry, many cases were due to the person is not getting a proper apology when something goes wrong or poor decision making.

However, the public advocate had said that the HMRC and DWP stand out as the agencies with effective system for second tier complaints that is in place, that contributes a less uphold rates of 22% and 10% respectively.

Mellor told that thousands of individuals got great public services each day, but when things goes wrong it is significant that the complaints are handled with care. Entirely, over one fifth of the PHSO investigations were about the government departments, their agencies and the public departments of the UK compared to 79% about the NHS in England.

She also told that it is the responsibility of each board of each government department of the UK and agency is to recognize the profound affect the poor services could have on the lives of the poor people and ensure that they learn from the complaints for improving the services for all.

Replying to the report, a Spokesperson from the Home Office had stated that they usually take complaints about their service very seriously and would work closely with the public advocate from Parliamentary and Health Service for addressing the concerns rose in this report.


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