How Does Immigration Affect Home Country?

How Does Immigration Affect Home Country?

People leave home country to find a better life somewhere out in a foreign country. Mostly people from developing countries migrate to developed countries. Better salaries, healthier lifestyle, and a secure future attracts these people. There is nothing wrong in migrating to another country. Everyone is in the race to survive.

Immigration has positive and negative effects on the home country. One of the major disadvantages every home country has to suffer from is loss of skilled workers. People like doctors, teachers, and engineers move out to foreign nations to offer their service. The number reduces in the home country. There is greater demand than supply increasing the costs of acquiring such services.


It is the youth that mostly leaves the country. Businesses fail because there isn’t enough youth to attract to buy services and products. The average age of the country increasing foreign direct investments. If only a person of the family goes to a foreign country, he misses on his children’s developmental milestones and a satisfying life with his wife.

Positive side of the immigration

The home country’s economy increases as the person earning in the foreign country sends money home to run his family. There is a massive flow of funds that boosts economy of the local government. This helps the government in infrastructure development of the country. There is also less competition. If a certain number of people go out of the country for work, the ones left behind have a higher chance of getting a job and a good pay.


Immigrants often return to their homeland with new ideas and skills. Most of them open startups here after learning techniques from the foreign country. This again boosts the economy and generates jobs for locals. They are also able to spread new knowledge and information in the home country.

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