Govt Nauru Confirms that Foreign Journalists won’t have Visa Entry Fee

Govt Nauru Confirms that Foreign Journalists won’t have Visa Entry Fee

The govt Nauru confirmed that foreign journalists visiting the island country for covering Pacific Islands Forum won’t have to pay an entry fee. Cristelle Pratt, deputy secretary general, Pacific Islands Forum, confirmed the news. If any foreign journalist wants to report from the island country, they have to pay a fee of AUD 6,400.

Pratt assured that the foreign journalists who come to cover the Pacific Islands Forum will have their visa fees waived. Ever since Nauru implemented the journalism levy, only two Australian journalists have visited the country to report any news. Earlier, Nauru didn’t charge any fees but had to implement it after there was increased international scrutiny regarding asylum seeker camps in the island country. Back in November 2017, Nauru’s president even considered increasing the cost from $6,400 to $8,000.

Nauru will host the 49th Pacific Islands Forum. The first one was held in 1971 and is an intergovernmental meeting held every year. Australia and New Zealand are a part of this forum as well. Pacific Islands Forum has always helped its nation, and for 2018, the forum has something in store with Pacific nations. The forum is going to help and assist any Pacific countries who have to address tax deficiencies as identified by the European Union.

Meeting the European Union

Pacific Island Forum committee will be meeting the European Union in February 2018. Cristelle Pratt said that they will take up the issue directly with them. Nauru is a beautiful country surrounded by corals. It is a natural treasure and must visit for nature lovers. Some beautiful places to visit when in Nauru are North Island Volcanic Plateau, Anibare Bay, Buada Lagoon, and Command Ridge. For Indians, it is a long journey to reach because there aren’t any direct flights but efforts are all worth it.

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