Trump Immigration Plans Still Major Headwind For India IT Outsourcers

Th?r? h?? been intense f??r in th? Ind?? Tech ?ndu?tr? arising fr?m th? information ?n th? n?w Am?r???an ?mm?gr?t??n rul?? ??t b? President Trum?. Major Ind??n Tech ?h?r?? t??k a nosedive recently ?n r???rt? that Trump ?f planning to m?k? changes to th? H1-B v??? program th?t ?ll?w? skilled f?r??gn?r? to work ?n the US. Six out ?f th? 10 l?rg??t r??????nt? ?f th? H1-B ?mm?gr?t??n v???, are Ind??n ?wn?d th?r?f?r? if Pr???d?nt Trum?'? ?mm?gr?t??n ??t? t? kn????? th??? v???? as ????ul?t?d, ?t w?ll b? increasingly difficult f?r th? big Ind?? IT outsourcers to bring ?n Software Eng?n??r? fr?m h?m? C?untr?. G?ur?v S?nh? ?n asset ?ll???t??n ?tr?t?g??t ?nd holder of ?n H1-B V??? noted th?t “?ll Ind?? IT ??m??n??? have been f?ll?ng in th? l??t f?w w??k?. H? ?l?? pointed out th?t 9.5% ?f Ind??’? GDP comes from these IT companies, namely Inf????, W??r?, T?t? C?n?ult?n?? ?nd HCL T??hn?l?g??? with a m?rk?t ??z? of ?b?ut $150 Billion ?nd h?lf ?f it comes from th? United States. S?n?? th? Ind?? ?ut??ur??ng industries r??ru?t l?t? ?f l?w-?n??m? w?rk?r?, t? offer diverse services to v?r??u? f?rm?, ?t, th?r?f?r?, d???nd? heavily on th? H1-B v???. According t? th? US C?t?z?n?h?? and Immigration ??rv???, th? three ???r V??? goes ?v?rwh?lm?ngl? t? Ind?? S?ftw?r? Eng?n??r? w?th 70% of V???? g??ng to Indians. USCIS ???u?? 85,000 n?w HI-Bs ?nnu?ll? ?nd r?n?w? th?u??nd? m?r?, and th?r? is no exact ??t?m?t? ?f h?w m?n? H1-B h?ld?r? are in th? US ?urr?ntl?. Trum? ???d h? w?nt? to bring in th? "best and br?ght??t," but th? H1-B v??? r?m??n? "t?x??," ?n? India lobby firm ???d. India Pr?m? M?n??t?r N?r?ndr? Modi h?? made th? H1-B practically a d??l?m?t?? ???u? b?tw??n Delhi and W??h?ngt?n. But ?f Ind??n ?rg?n?z?t??n? w?r? t?m??r?r?l? b?nn?d, a worst ???? scenario n? ?n? ?? buying, what could India d? t? r?t?l??t? in kind? Th?? ??rt r?m??n? unknown.

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